The Dream Connection, Inc. 2011
P.O. Box 10924 Knoxville, Tennessee 37939     865-971-2447
Throughout my life I have dreamed big
dreams. Inch by inch, step by step, I have
had the good fortune to actualize my
dreams. I am currently continuing on my
path to climb mountains around the world.
I want to see the wonder and beauty these
mountains hold. To me, mountains
represent the ultimate, majestic challenge
of mind, body and spirit.

In December 2012, I'll be climbing
Antarctica's Vinson Massif. It's the
continent's highest peak standing 16,067
feet in the sky and I hope to be standing at
the summit later this year.

The Dream Connection's mission to
provide dreams to children resonates with
me. I have had the gift of health bestowed
upon me.
This gift allows me to fulfill my dreams,
but, there are those that do not have this
same blessing as me. Raising funds for The
Dream Connection allows the organization
to provide children with life threatening
and chronically-debilitating illnesses a
dream come true. This is my way of
showing gratitude for my opportunities
and spreading my good fortune to others.

The goal is one dollar per foot I climb.

16,067 dollars would fulfill the dream of
four to five children. If we exceed this
amount then we can provide more dreams
for more children. Please join me in making
many, many dreams come true!.

- Dr. James Choo
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